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    Removed from GP Practice due to breakdown in GP patient relationship, which of the following reasons could it be?

    • Complaining about Dr Murphy breeching her contract – she shouldn’t be breeching her contract in the first place
    • Never spoke to her when I saw her at her car on the 28th May
    • Note left on her car – which could have been avoided if called over to discuss things at the start not months later which started almost a year ago.

    i having doubt of the last one as the dates don't add up, am thinking more the first 2 as she didn't seem happy about me not saying hello to her at the car as she did smile at me as i was walking to past to hand in a repeat prescription

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    Firstly I think you should remove the doctor's name, it is not good practice to post names, it could be construed as slander.

    Secondly, you need to contact the practice manager to get that information. In fact you should have been told the reason by the practice for striking you off their list.

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