As mentioned elsewhere, I now have a Supascoota one that breaks down into sections for loading into a vehicle.
Surprisingly capable scooter, some clever engineering touches but also some areas that could do with further refinement, one of which is the battery guage which consists of 3 LEDs, green, yellow and red.
My concern is that by the time a battery is down to "yellow" it is at about 50% charge which is more discharged than I am happy with for and AGM battery, it makes for a shortened life.
I have the optional second battery pack so am able to swap over anytime, but would need better indication of status of the battery being used to make the best judgement of when to swap and would need more than 3 LEDs to do this efficiently.
I considered a better gauge, but these need hard wiring which is not an option because when the scooter is taken to bits for loading, the wiring would need unclipping and disconnecting, a real nuisance.
Then I found a battery gauge that reads from Bluetooth! Tiny box goes across battery terminals and then the readout is on the phone. Brilliant.