Hi barbie, just for clarification SSE do offer warm home discount. It is just that there scheme isn't yet open!

A further matter that also has to be looked at when moving to other non big 6, is if the 'other' utility co., offer the WHD. Although the £140 offered gets smaller every year, due to inflation, and God know how many rises in charges of 'costs', must be remembered, it is still helping many pay bills at worst time of year (again, still do not know why the 'credit' cannot be applied to accounts at beginning of winter, as oppose to end of March, as many do, but there are quite a few customers, who due to whatever reasons do not receive their bills at end of March!).

So, those doing comparison of costs, many should remember to include the £140.00 WHD into the calculations. I cannot see, if any at all, would be able to save over £140.00 when comparing, but then that I simply my input as I can and have nly been able to compare prices using figures for smaller properties (which I would suggest quite a few members reside).