I am 29 and have lived with my Mum who is my carer all my life. My DLA is higher level care, lower level mobility due to mental health problems. I some need help to cook meals as my lack of concentration can mean its dangerous to use the oven/stove and I need someone with me at night in case I get out of bed to go to the toilet and fall down the stairs or fall and hit my head as the tablets I take are very sedating and make me very drowsy. I have always wanted to live independently in my own flat (without those dangerous stairs like at home!) but I know that if I do move, I will need help at least at night. But if I do try to live independently, will my DLA get cut off because I don't live with my carer all the time? My Mum and my Dad would take turns staying at my flat at night if I did move and I would have meals prepared for me in advance but I worry that trying to live independently would mean I lose the benefit which I need to live on.

Does anyone have any advice on this?