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    Just a thought

    You know when you can't sleep in the night all sorts of things go through your mind.Well early hours of this morning when I was wide awake a thought crossed my over worked stressed out brain.I wondered if anyone who had had aF2F at home had asked to see what the accessor had wrote about what you had said and if you were allowed to see it and something was totally wrong did they pull them up on it and ask for it to be changed.Or is it all done on a laptop and it's cloak and dagger stuff?
    It would be interesting to know.

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    Funny the things we think of when sleep is not forth coming. I had a home assessment and yes, the laptop was shielded. I never thought to ask what was written. I usually just ask for a copy of the assessors report.
    Which reminds me. It has been 7 days since I rang up and asked for a copy. Still no sign of it.
    It has also been 7 weeks now since i had the home assessment and not had anything back on that.
    Looks like the phone will be red hot on Monday then...

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