Three years ago my Nana and I moved into an amenity house. At the time I was told that I couldn't be on the lease because I didn't qualify for amenity housing so if anything happened to my nana, I'd have to find somewhere else to live - fair enough.

I had a carers assessment a couple of weeks ago and the social worker thought that I should qualify for amenity housing now because of my various health conditions (that have only come on in the last couple of years). She offered to give housing a phone for me to see about adding me to nana's lease. That way, if anything happens to her, I'd still be able to stay here.

I spoke to the social worker today about another matter and she mentioned that she had spoken to my housing officer who has said no to adding me to the lease. She didn't have time to explain fully so she's (the SW) is meeting me next Friday to go over everything.

To be honest, I'm a bit confused when it come to the rules for amenity housing. One of Nana's friends has an amenity house and her son is on the lease with her. Like I said, I do have disabilities now that make things like using stairs very difficult and painful so I couldn't imagine living in a house with stairs. Same thing with a normal bath/shower. I wouldn't cope without the level access one we have now. My council's website is a bit vague on the whole thing and give advice more for sheltered housing. I do claim PIP but only get the daily living component (thanks to an awful assessment with a horrible nurse who lied about everything). My adviser had told me she thought I was entitled to the mobility component given my issues but I just couldn't face going through tribunal.

Anyway, can some wise person fill me in on the criteria for amenity housing. Do you have to be a certain age? On a certain benefit?