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Thread: Oramorph 500ml How long should it last!

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    Oramorph 500ml How long should it last!

    Hi All, Really, as title says, how long should a 500ml bottle of Oramorph last!

    I have been on this Oramorph since radiotherapy middle last year (relapse hodgkins lyphoma) and halfway through diagnosed with new cancer (anaplastic large cell lymphoma) and have recently undergone stem cell transplant. Although normal dose is 10-15ml, my dose was upped to 20ml as and when required last year. This simply equates to 25 dose per bottle! I am also on added longer standing Zomorph (90mg twice daily).

    I will take 20mls asap after awakening & also at night to aid restful sleep. If I do slightly anymore than 'my average' daily movements, i will obviously take a further dose. In addition I have, due to lack of immune system, and am still getting over attack of shingles, & confirmed post herpetic neuralgia to add to my other pains! No doubt, even with new script of pregabalin, that pain can become unbearable, as no doubt some readers can confirm!

    Anyway, we have been hoping to get away for a week near borders & placed repeat script for Oramorph, what may be 2-4 days early than normal (which can be as soon as 7 days or as late as 10-12 days-depends upon obviously the doses I have needed) & on this occasion I was prescribed 100mls Oramorph, which is neither use nor ornament. Bearing in mind it takes 2 days fo repeat scripts to be handled by GP's, this inlcuded weekend just gone & placed repeat in on Thursday last week for collection today. This resulted in having to go back to GPs to ask why only 100mls and not 500mls had been prescribed, but all receptionist could do was to put acute application on system for further missing 400mls.

    I should add that, few weeks ago we had call regarding how quickly repeats scripts for 500ml Oramporph were being requested but when I explained that I had just undergone stem cell transplant this 'appeared' to have satisfied them!

    So, back to above question, how long should/does 500ml Oramorph last!

    Rant over, TY for reading and interested in any responses or any other readers who have suffered similar problems!

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    Hello spencer69

    Sorry I can't answer your question but did wonder if you have a Macmillan nurse who you can turn to for help and advice.

    I also wondered if a pain clinic or doctor can get this issue sorted out for you, as it seems wrong when you've been through
    so much lately.

    I do hope it gets sorted ASAP and that you get to enjoy your break.

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    Hi buble, Many many thanks for your comments and kind words. Have just returned from break which all went as well as expected, just a shame the cloud cover over 12/13th was pretty miserable, so no viewing of perseids meteor showers :-( Had 5 days great weather, 1 complete washout (storm) and 1 iffy. Still, it was bloody good to get away & also glad I was able to do this for my other half...which included 1st ever week where I was able to 'make sure' it was also more of a break for this I mean no standing over hot stove...but will pay price now as it is going to be 'meat & 2 veg' for the,back to normal it is!

    On day of travel, did indeed obtain script for normal 500 mls Oramorph and have appt with our excellent GP next few days (which was arranged now 3 weeks ago which is now the norm to see our GP). Few matters need to be discussed as well as hoping for note to be made on very 1st page that appears on my file, that something akin to 'prescribe what patient wants, when he wants!' Have never had any problems with my/our GP & as have my previous GPs, been fantastically understanding & very supportive. Have to add, as many of us do, it does no harm having as much information on your conditions when in some circumstances, we, the patient, are not only the expert but are able to teach a little!

    Again, TY buble.

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