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Thread: BBC report on lack of availability of wheelchairs

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    BBC report on lack of availability of wheelchairs

    In the news today - Red Cross study finds that 114 of 139 NHS wheelchair services across the UK said they could not provide wheelchairs for short-term use and more than four million people who would benefit from the short-term use of a wheelchair or mobility aid had gone without.

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    Much as the Red Cross do a lot of good, when I needed a chair they basically told me to sodd off for 3 months as there was a 'waiting list and non available'.. NHS was useless in my rehab. Came down to my parents doing the majority of rehab and privately hiring a chair.

    So possibly, 'we cant do jack about it either' might be added to the report!

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    Discharged from hospital & unable to walk, approached British Red Cross but a waste of time. I managed to borrow a wheelchair from a distant relative.
    They were no help to me at all.

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    These must be the 'fictional' wheelchairs that they talk about in the Work Capability Assessments.
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    My GP bought me my first walking stick because I needed a special handle which the NHS said would take twelve months for them to get. They then wasted £2000 on specialist knee splints that didn't fit because the guesstimated the size I needed and it turned out due to hypermobility they were useless anyway (my joints are naturally misaligned and the sprints assumed straight joints) those took six months but the consultant hounded for them.

    I had an OT assessment for a wheelchair, they said I'd need one "in the future sometime" but as I couldn't manage a manual one I'd need electric and the waiting list here is ten years from point of need (so you need the electric wheelchair you can then go on the waiting list) - that was ten years ago so it's probably about twenty by now!

    The ads for Red Cross round here disappeared shortly after going up - they were advertising help for the first six weeks out of hospital for various things including wheelchairs/help getting to appointments/getting in food or meds, they were so swamped they had to remove the posters. I was discharged last November and put on a waiting list for this service. I'm still waiting. If I wasn't so terrified of hospitals and hadn't lied about my needs being much less than they are I could still be there.

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    I did think they should have added their own lack of resources to the article but I thought maybe that was just around here.

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