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Thread: Accessibility to Jobcentreplus Services

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    Accessibility to Jobcentreplus Services

    Like most of you I've just been pushed off Income Support/Incapacity Benefit onto JSA.Saw the same doctor from five years ago and said the exact same things recently as I said then.
    .Was unfit for work then but now, miraculously, am fit to actively seek work.You all know the drill.Dear old Etonian Dave has wiped out disability with one stroke of his magic pen.(As an aside- are the medical professionals being strictly ethical in all this nonsense?Hippocratic oath and all that , don't you know, old boy.The care and well-being of the patient and all that old tosh.)
    Attended Partick Jobcententreplus in Glasgow(don't let the name Partick fool you this is the posho JCP.They keep their pinkies extended at all times while stopping your benefit.Terribly refined.)this morning.The wee man was perfectly pleasant and distanced himself from it all-"I'm just here to help with your benefits claim and someone else will see about the employment side."
    However he said I would be seeing my advisor upstairs next week and signing on all the time there. I immediately said I needed to see someone on the ground floor as I would be struggling with the stairs and he said I would have to discuss this with the advisor on Tuesday.
    I've used these stairs before years ago whe I was younger and fitter.By the time I got to the top I was hot,sweaty, out of breath and the good leg was shaking.On the way back down I felt dizzy and was unnerved by being gawped at by several job-seekers obviously waiting for me to fall.So I reckon I'm in for an arguement on Tuesday-well if you're claiming JSA you're fit for anything , aren't you?That will inevitably be what I am told.Then the next stage will be you don't need Mobility Allowance or an Entitlement Card either.
    So the point of this rambling rant is can I take the Manager of Partick Jobcentreplus to an industrial tribunal if they refuse to provide me with the same service as the non-disabled Signing on and seeing a Pauline(I've decided that's what I'm calling the Employment Advisors-sort of an affectionate hate name for them-League of Gentleman and all that)on the ground floor.
    Oh and another question is -is it legal to secretly film any interviews with Paulines on a small shirt/blouse button spy video camera easily available from Amazon at £30?And would it be legal to send the footage if it was particularly offensive and unpleasant to the news media or even post it onto YouTube to show the world how the disabled are treated by the benefit system in Britain?

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    Jobcentre Plus offices are designed to include accessibility measures for the elderly and disabled people in accordance with statutory requirements and Building Regulations.

    Our departmental policy on provision of services requires us to ensure that both offices and processes do not discriminate against any of our customers. If any of our customers do have any real difficulty with accessing services in an office, we are always able to offer other options to meet their needs, for example home visits or call back arrangements.

    I guess in a nutshell if you're going to have trouble getting up the stairs and there's no lift - tell them! They'll have to make 'reasonable adjustments to their service so you aren't being discriminated against.

    I really wouldn't bother filming.

    Have you thought of making an appeal against their decision - I think you get one month from when you received the letter to tell you they're transferring you onto JSA

    Check this website out - it could help with your appeal -

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    for the advice Lighttouch.However I feel that this is a policy decision ie. if you are claiming JSA you can't be disabled.You're not allowed to be . If you were disabled you wouldn't be there . Dave's logic.Doh!The disability is now invisible to JCP staff so there are no provisions for anything.What I have done is send a letter to the manager of this particular JCP office-Partick.I've told him/her that I will be happy to take him/her to an industrial tribunal for failing to provide me with the same service as a non-disabled person.The onus seems to be on me to prove I am disabled-wearing a caliper, a shoe with a raise and using a stick does not seem to show disability with the benefit system now.The goalposts on what constitutes "disabled" have been deliberately moved.
    The Disability Rights people have suggested the Human Rights Commission if they fail to ensure my health and safety while on their premises.Apparently this is still illegal but who knows with Dave and Nick.
    The hidden camera thing is down to the amount of aggressive confrontational interviews I've had in the past with some JCP staff .It would have been nice to capture it for posterity.Working Links were or maybe still are a terrible company for bullying and aggression so a camera or sound recorder might be an idea if you are unfortunate enough to ever deal with them.
    I'll see what happens on Tuesday and keep you all posted.

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    Yes you're right about goal posts having been moved. Granted you have a walking impairment but these days they don't want to know about your medical condition.

    They are following the 'social model of disability'. This means they want YOU to identify what are the barriers to you working. So you can't use stairs so a lift will remove the disabling barrier. You can't use public transport due to steps and say bad balance. So the answer is for JCP to pay for a taxi to take you to and from work via their 'Access to Work' team's budget.

    If you can't stand for long without discomfort then maybe a desk job is more suitable.

    If your hands and arms work then they would expect you to be able to use a computer. Even if your arms and hands didn;t work you could use voice recognition software to type as I'm doing now.

    The main thing is you need to identify what your access requirements are and let them know prior to attending. You could claim taxi fares there and back. They could adjust the service by interviewing you downstairs on the ground floor.

    Employers these days are looking at 'qualities' you posses like your attitude, flexibility, work part of a team, enthusiasm. Any skills you don't have you can be trained and developed to bring you up to scratch. You can identify work disabling barriers and it's up to an employer to remove them.

    JCP should have Disability Employment Advisors to help you but ultimately the drive should come from yourself if you wanted to improve your quality of life and work.

    In my experience the only way a disabled person can get work experience is through short term contracts or agency work unless you are a specialist.

    I've been disabled all my working life but was lucky enough to have been unemployed once in 35 years. Granted I've taken medical early retirement as I'm profoundly disabled. However, my mind is still as sharp as a pin and I could perhaps set myself up as a consultant as I have no wish to work for anyone but myself. lol. I'm not on anyones radar as I don't claim any benefits but still pay income tax, due to a private pension, and Council Tax due to savings.

    I'd be happy to work part time doing something I like - like helping other people.

    My thoughts are with you.

    Try to be positive - it helps

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    They seem genuinely bemused when I ask to be seen on the ground floor but they have no option but to comply.Have to wait what seems like ages for someone to come down and see me.It seems far more draconian than a few years ago.You have to keep a record of the 6 jobs a fortnight you must apply for.So I'm clogging up the system with pointless applications.No-one has assessed my capabilities yet so where is all the "help" Dave and Nick spoke of ?In the words of the great Paul Calf " Bag of S****!

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