I have desperately been trying to get information about my situation but nothing seems to quite answer it so i am hoping someone can help. I am currently on ESA- Support group, PIP and Housing/council tax benefit. I have been in this situation for years but it has just been impossible to ever see a way to be able to get back into work. Recently my Mum has been talking to someone who runs an online business and they have suggested with my Mums help that maybe i could start selling just one or two things online to start with and see how i cope and maybe build it slowly in the future. The problem with doing this is that i would need to set up as a sole trader or a limited company (which seems ridiculous) even if i sell one thing a week and then the department of work and pensions will know about it and probably stop my money overnight. Of course i am terrified of even mentioning this to any of the benefits because they seem to do everything in their power to take the money away from you. It might not even work and last a month and then i would have lost everything for nothing. I have had to deal with both PIP and ESA renewals lately and the stress made me seriously ill again so i'm not sure i can deal with them making my life hell again or not being able to pay my bills. It feels like i am going to be stuck in this system forever, made to feel like i don't deserve it yet making it impossible to change it. I would only be working on it a couple of hours a week probably and have no idea how much money i would make if any. neither do i feel like it would contradict with any of the reasons i get the benefits but i know what they are like and just a mention of it makes me think they will be assessing me again or taking money away from me as soon as they possibly can. Sorry this is so long but would really appreciate your advice. Thanks