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    're assessment esa

    Pls help not slept
    Sent in esa 50 2 week ago I did my best I am in sg
    I am in support group due mental health o c d etc
    My daughter helped me with form and answers the descriptors around my illnesses condition as got worst and nothing has changed so I put in dm decision letter why I got into SG risk 35 etc and I backed this up with facts via evidence from mental health team gp and treatment plans which I am awaiting for that nothing has changed
    But I am so scared that I've done this now I don't want dwp thinking I am being rude
    But the reasons why email put me into SG is that mental health would be a risk etc so I've backed it up that my m h is a risk still as I am awaiting more therapy etc and I have got worst
    So worried but feel you have to fight
    Made me I'll
    Kind regard for reading this
    Ps had a paper. Based last time do you think there will call me in
    Thanks so much x

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    Please do not worry about it, I am sure they will not think the worse of you because you have tried to be honest. Sometimes hard to get things in perspective when things are not going well and not in the best of health, but they will be used to seeing all sorts and I am sure yours will be run of the mill for them.
    You say you sent it off 2 weeks ago, please bear in mind that it does no good watching the clock ( or the post) when waiting for a response from them and from the sound of it there is a good chance you will get paper based again.

    Please try no to worry, I am sure all will be well.

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    I appreciate your reply thank you so so much
    Well all I can do is wait I've backed everything up I've said in esa5o with evidence facts
    Yes all I can do is now is live in hope if worst comes to worst I am mentally preparing my self
    Thank you so much for your time

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    hi just thinking cannot rest sleep eat
    read gp letter i sent in to dwp states my mental heath will deteriate with anywork activity
    and states i just manage day to day ect and undrt the care blah blahblah
    is this ok so stressed

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