I really do hope this query can be answered/empathised with.
I have been offered a job and it is a very good opportunity, though very responsible.
I currently claim ESA and DLA, am in the WRAG group for ESA. Under normal circumstances, my ESA wouldn't become universal credit unti next year. However, due to the new benefit, I wouldn't be able to claim tax credits anymore but universal credit. And I am really worried about this. This job is part-time, looking at the calculations, I would just receive about £30 a week with UC, making me overall £78 a week better off working (21 hours). I suffer from many health issues and when I claimed tax credits before, if the job didn't work out (due to ill health in my case) then I could do a rapid recaim and go back to my orginal benefit of ESA (as long as it was within 12 weeks). But with UC, there appears to be all these sanctions (and hardly any available info regarding people who are disabled and working) and there is no 12 week rule and no safety net if the job doesn't work out. This all feels an enormous risk for me, I am not at all sure if the job is right for me and I am terrified this change of circumstance making me go on to UC (when it wouldn't have been until next year normally if not working) will work out, and having to wait so long to be paid (as well as the fact my job would pay monthly in arrears too), this all feels completely overwhelming! If I have to leave the job, I am worried I would be sanctioned and without money for months. I would have to go through the whole process again of being assessed for UC when right now, I am absolutely fine, with no hassle because I am simply receiving ESA. I am in a full service area of UC so any change of circumstance will change my benefit to UC. This seems like no incentive for people with disabilities to see if they can work and I fear I have no choice but to now refuse the job because the risks are so high. What does anyone think?