I just wanted to add here, with tax credits, it was so easy. If you couldn't do the job, you could make a rapid reclaim, provided it was within the 12 weeks, and no questions were asked, no evidence asked to be provided. With Universal Credit, it is all about getting people to work, increase their hours, get more money, etc, etc, which is why I doubt very much they would just 'accept' someone leaving a job. It wouldn't be like tax credits, and that could mean a reassessment, but at the very least, questions asked and evidence (probably from a doctor) required. Even if you do have health problems. Even if you were half dead and working with your eyes shut because you could hardly open them. I don't think they would let someone off the hook. It makes me laugh (actually conversely, very sad) as I tried to do all this just for an extra £78 a week, to work a highly stressful job. When corrupt politicians steal thousands and get awarded a knighthood at the House of Lords!