Oh God, hi nukecad, I have returned.
I rang up UC, tried to talk about the 12 week rule. They didn't know (surprise, effing surprise!) so told me to ring ESA. Rang ESA, after a long time waiting, the woman there said a big fat no, if I left the job within 12 weeks, I would definitely have to be reassessed again for UC and there could be a sanction. There is a chance she doesn't know what she's talking about (and most of them don't as you know, we could do their jobs, why the hell are they employed??) but the risk now is overwhelming me. I am meant to start work on Monday and am freaking out. If I just remain as I am, on ESA, I will stay that way until next year without all this stress. I find it totally and utterly depressing. There are hardly any jobs where I am and feels like no hope of working :-(