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Thread: Does using aids such as a magnifying glass score you pip points?

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    Does using aids such as a magnifying glass score you pip points?

    Hi folks,

    I am about to fill in a pip form soon and have been told that using aids such as a magnifying glass (but not spectacles or contract lenses) will actually help to give me points for pip, is this correct?

    I do use a magnifying glass a lot to read labels on bottles etc and quite a few leaflets that come with medicine.

    The reason I ask this question is, that under DLA I thought that if a person could carry out the activity normally with the help of an aid, then it wouldn't really work in their favour, but I know PIP is a points based benefit.

    So I would be grateful if someone in the know could advice me about this.
    Many thanks

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    My husband had points taken off him because he has aids in the bathroom.He has to hold on with 2 hands while someone washes his hair etc He can't shower without help .He got standard care not enhanced because of the rail he has to hold onto.They wouldn't change their minds when we asked for a MR.
    As for a magnifying glass I personally wouldn't class that as a aid but that's just my opinion.

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    Usually an 'aid' has to be something that is not readily available in non-disability shops, and something that would not be used by the general public.

    By that reckoning then I doubt that a magnifying glass would count.
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    I put down EVERY aid I use - grab rails, wetroom, electric can opener, gadget for opening jars. If you can't do a job without that TOOL or aid - then as far as I'm concerned, its an aid

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