You are invited to participate in a research exploring the perceptions of older adults on the usability of the Brunel Measurement guidance in self-assessing for minor adaptive equipment.

Brunel University London has developed national guidance, which is available online at:
for measuring the home environment to enable the successful fit of minor adaptive equipment.

Who are we looking for:
  • older adults (age 65 years and older) who live at home
  • who are experiencing at present / or who have previously experienced difficulty with transfers (e.g. getting on and off the toilet, in and out of bath or on/off the bed, on/off the chair, and up and down the stairs)
  • and are in need of / or already use or have used minor adaptive equipment in their home.

We want you to use the Brunel guidance for measuring your home environment and tell us about YOUR experience!!! (It will involve a short Skype or telephone interview with the researcher where they will ask you questions on how you found using the guidance)

The research is conducted by MSc. Occupational Therapy student at Brunel University and has been approved by the College of Health and Life Sciences ethics committee.

If you would like more information about participating in this study,

please contact the researcher , Jacinta Dempsey via e-mail at: