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Thread: Mobility Walker

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    Mobility Walker

    Im thinking of getting a walker with wheels and a seat for my mother-in-law for indoors and a mobility scooter that can handle uneven surfaces like a dirt road.

    Can these be purchased in Hua Hin?

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    Try Preloved - often see 2nd hand ones. Or to download on your phone.

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    May I add that the charity Remap can modify your walker/rollator to make it more suitable for your needs. They have a network of volunteers across the UK and everything they do is free of charge.
    Here's an example of rollator adapted for amputee 20180622_134744 (1024x577).jpg

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    Your local council will have a minor adaptations team. This covers things up to £1000.

    Ask for an assessment. They can supply you with free stuff to aid your walking.

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