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Thread: Indirect mental disability discrimination

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    Indirect mental disability discrimination

    I am my wife’s carer, we live in Scotland and my wife suffers from Anthropophobia ( fear of people),Depression, Anxiety and panic attacks and has no trust and has actual fear of any authority and people, including Dr’s.
    She now has developed Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) and needs a stomach operation involving the removal of all her stomach and.
    I like to know if she will be exempt from the visiting rules, eg can I be there all day as I am her carer and she needs me to keep her calm.
    If the ward sister does not allow it, could that not be classed as discriminated against on the grounds of disability or other characteristics under the Equality Act 2010 or a mental health act and therefore as I am her carer and got power of attorney, they would not legally be able to keep me of the ward, as it is my wife’s wish to be there?
    The consultant just say’s, it is down to the Ward Sister in Charge, but I like to know, just in case, that there is a law to help me, if need be as my wife needs me to help her recover and stress and panic attacks would be very bad for her, in particular after a major operation.


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    They would maybe foolish to refuse your request as you are assisting them in their caring role.
    As you know her better than they do this would be a benefit to them.
    Sea Queen

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    Hi Cyberfruits,
    When my husband was in hospital I was allowed open visiting, in fact I spent most of the day with him, he is physically disabled.
    Perhaps you could check out the hospital website, they sometimes have information for carers about what they can expect when their relative is an inpatient. If no luck on that perhaps check with the ward/ward sister beforehand.
    Good Luck.

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    You could try asking patient services as well. It varies hugely in my experience.

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    Thanks ,i done all can at the moment, including talking to the secretary of the consultant, it is now just a waiting game and this is just so frustrating and i just have enough on my plate now and should not have to be doing all this running around, i should just be able to get answers from hospital. My wife is still being assessed by a psychiatrist as we just 6month ago moved to Scotland and the psychiatrist says, if hospital needs answers they need to write to her and she will put them "straight on my wife's needs and support us”. PALS here is PASS and they just provide info, no help and say that talk to hospital, matron, ward sister in charge etc or make complaint if no luck with them. Pass also say’s, one needs to understand it is a all woman ward and therefore one needs to leave more often than not etc. so just getting run around. we written now to consultant again to pass on more info and put on record that i am a carer and my wife's exact needs, after they just ignored our GP's support letter and just said they will try their best, but not giving guarantees, as they got to consider other patient needs at the time. Problem is, consultant is very good, hospital is normally very good, i myself under two consultant for chronic illnesses, just at the moment they are stuck up on archaic rules, sometimes with no communication possible at first stage. This uncertainty is getting to my wife and myself and is no good for her at all.
    In the past i found quoting rules and law at people very helpful and they felt, being able to bend or break rules as they are then protected from repercussions, from their bosses and that is why i was asking for help on rules.
    Sorry for going on, but it also helps to get it out of the system.


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    If it's an all female ward you need to understand that there may be women there who are not comfortable around men because of feeling vulnerable after an op/treatment (usually these wards are for specific treatments e.g. Hysterectomy). I appreciate that doesn't seem to be your problem but the staff would need to take that into consideration before allowing you to be there all day.

    I know my hospital (Wales, not Scotland) wouldn't allow you to do this. The visiting regulations are strict (the only exceptions allowed are medical emergency and terminal illness - even then no visitors are allowed at meals times or before 11am because that's when patients are washing/dressing) even if you were offering to help with these things it wouldn't be allowed.

    Just to give you another patients perspective..

    I'm the sort of woman who wouldn't be able to cope with you being there - I've been assaulted within and outside of hospital admission (I have severe medical phobia and PTSD with night terrors as a result) and cannot cope at all around any strange men, never mind in a vulnerable place, the only all female wards here are for things which I would struggle massively having done anyway due to my past. I would literally run away from the hospital (I'm not joking I've done it before because I couldn't cope) and such wards don't usually have male staff on them (I'd react the same way to a male nurse or nursing assistant). Even visitors is hard for me, but I can be given a sedative for that time (again this has been needed).

    None of that is personal to you. I've put it here so you can see perhaps why there is a possible issue with you doing this. It isn't only your wife's needs - I appreciate that's why you've posted I'm just offering another point of view.

    The problem from their point of view is theyre not going to know who is there before she is admitted so cannot check and ensure it is ok with other patients, and it would need to be as its about everyone's needs, same goes for any admissions whilst she is there.

    I'm not dismissing her needs at all, but others needs which could be the same as your wife with no one available to come in to help them need to be considered.

    EDIT to be clear this issues are worse on mixed wards for me.

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    Would it be possible to request that your wife is put into a side room on her own so possibly you could stay with her.

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