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Thread: Can anyone explain the significance ESA and november 2012

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    Question Can anyone explain the significance ESA and november 2012

    Hi Guys

    It has been a few weeks since I was on the forum I came from the USA as a buddy needed my assistance, he was on IB and DLA and in a bad way his wife could no longer cope and left him ( I have sorted things for 6 months and can understand why) I started the process of the EAS 50 for him with the help of a lawyer as he is so ill, bowl and bladder probs, the lawyer contacted ATOS for a private ambulance, as I can not lift him about and it needs a professional if he is to see the MO in their office. A letter arrived (what I think you call the brown envelope) from the DWP several month later saying he has been migrated to the support and no mention of having to see the MO.

    Neither the lawyer nor can I understand the last page of the letter. “LIVING EXPENSES” It states his living expenses plus a bonus for being in the support group when added together is within dimes of what he gets now, that we understand it then goes on to say the “amount on this page applies from July thro to November” and not what happens after November. I telephoned the number given to ask the question, after getting his consent to talk on his behalf I explained his situation and I did not understand the last part of the letter the July to November bit and what happens in November? I was told American citizens are not entitled to UK benefits, I ask to speak to the team leader but she would not put me through. Is there anyone out there that can explain the July thro to November bit, and what happens after November? I along with carers have been with him for over six months of turbulent times.

    It is cold, wet and miserable in England and to see my buddy dieing on a daily bases is depressing. I lost my wife several years ago but I do have grand and great grand children back home who miss me and I miss them and would like to get home to see them, as my time is running short ( death comes to us all but it is better if it is pleasant and of old age and you have had good times in between) I would like to get this sorted so I can get back home as I want our friendship and my visits to continue on a sociable basis and at 77 there are not too many left I want to reminisce on old times not have to take on a tasks like this. So any info on the June to November bit would be appreciated,

    Jack Minter

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    Hello Jack , here is a small portion of info on this site........
    which would be helpful, don't know if you are already aware of it , but worth posting for you.

    How it works

    For new claims, Employment and Support Allowance consists of two phases:

    1.the assessment phase
    2.the main phase

    The assessment phase

    The assessment phase lasts for the first 13 weeks of your claim. This is while a decision is made on your capability for work through the Work Capability Assessment. During this phase, Employment and Support Allowance is paid at a basic rate.[/COLOR]
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    Jack Minter,
    You are a good friend indeed and for what you have done so far should be applauded.
    Given what you say that your friend has been put in support group without medical would indicate the November date is purely clerical and nothing to worry about.
    Maybe arranging for a carer would be a good idea, that way your friend would have regular help and you could leave easier of mind.
    We appreciate help from family and friends but never want them to feel obligated past having their own lives also.

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    Patricia, Wobble 1

    Hi Patricia

    He has been on IB and national grant from your Government for about 8 years until the accident and then the Surgery went dreadfully wrong (our attorneys would have sued the ar$e off of the hospital and the award would have let him, seen his days out in comfort but it seems different with the British system) So do I assume that as he has a pre existing claim he circumvents 1.the assessment phase and 2.the main phase or will he start from the beginning even though he has been put in the support group Thanks


    Wobble 1

    Thanks for your kind words. I knew and became good pals with his folks in the early 40s when I was at Lakenheath, his pop who has now gone and I have many old buddies at Madingley, and at the time he was not an itch in his pop’s pants. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. We have paid for a semi medical person (I say semi medical as she was a nurse but became disillusioned with the system) since I came over and found the state he was in. I need to go back to show my family I have not forgot them and I know the kids miss the time we spent together. I had to get a lawyer and consultant in to sort the form out in the first place and chase the department who advised by phone a pack was on its way. So if more paper work comes in I do not think it fair to leave her to cope. I only need a short break, talking on the net is not like fly fishing on the levee plus I feel his time is closer than mine the reaper does not discriminate and when the time comes and the wisest of us knows not when, it is better with a friend at your side than in some water filled rat infested fox hole alone.


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    Jack - it would be useful to know how old your friend is. I take it he is still under 65? If so - maybe he will turn 65 in November? That might explain the dates in the letter.

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    He is 55 years old he had and accident many years back and walked in hospital and never walked again caught some bug during the op which shot many of his organs to bits, he does not say it but but I have the feeling he wishes he had been PDATS or DOA


    The last few words of your post " so the letter printer " do you mean so the letter prints. I know a lot of the crapola software used cost the Government / medical service a fortune and is as much use a teats on a boar and will not work if you do not fill all the fields in Just like the multiple choice amswers you get a choice of four answers and none of them relate to the question, those people who design the psychometric test must think everyone has a brain as warped as theirs.

    As a senior I emailed the Vet's association who are arranging transport to ship me Stateside and get me back to the UK over the next few weeks which has taken a weight of my shoulders. I know they say God helps them that help themselves but heven help them that have no one to help.


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    Sorry I misunderstood, I thought you meant return to states permanently. Glad the VETs are helping you out, what goes round comes round.
    All the best to you and your friend.

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    Hell no Wobble 1, you never leave a brother behind even if they are not your blood, and brothers only by the noble order and circumstance. his pop brought me home safely to my family (most have passed on now) after 42 missions. His son is a lot younger than I am, and it is like a child dying before the parent. I will be away for a month 3 days in transit and the rest to recover although the grand children make you feel young at heart even if the body is as brittle a dead redwood. The Vet's are very good and I think the British armed service have a similar organisation SAFFA?

    I thank all the folk on this site for their help and hope to get the chance to say bye before I go and hello when I get back you all take care


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