Yes, I got the dreaded letter from LLC today. Stating that from next year my Housing Benefit will be reduced because I am a single person living alone in a two bedroom house & as such I will have my HB reduced because of the unoccupied bedroom. It is a letter I did not expect to get because I do not live alone & there is not an unoccupied bedroom.

After spending ages, & I mean ages, navigating the Council's phone system & pressing more buttons than a dressmaker & got through to the wrong one & was told I had to notify them of any changes by post. As this is not a change in circumstances I felt that was not right. So I had to call again, spend another tem minutes pressing numbers, yes, I do mean 10 minutes, & chose the option for challenging a change in the amount of HB I was going to get. In the end I did get an option to speak to someone. After explaining what I felt was a mistake as my mother & i share a joint tenancy, we both claim HB for half the property each, that I do not claim HB for the whole property, & that there are no unoccupied bedrooms, she told me she would have to get another department to call me back who are handling such issues. This implies to me that I am not the only one this has happened to. So I now await the call. What I found interesting is that right away she knew who my mother was, had her details, so they do know we are joint tenants & claim half the rent each in HB. I do hope they are not going to be awkward about this & realise it is an error, as it is. They cannot possibly say that it is still a two bedroom house & I claim HB for it, can they, not when my mother also claims HB for it, both in our own right?

I wonder how many others this is happening to.