I am new to the site, long time reader first time poster

My fiance and I are taking part in a charity challenge to raise money for the MS Society and I thought it might be nice to share our "Mission" with the forum as it could tickle some of you and make you think "Oh my god they are mad!"

We both work for our family business that revolves around people with many different disabilities and over the past 6 months or so we have been working with more and more people who have Multiple Sclerosis. Many of these people have became close friends and this year we decided to give something back to the MS Society as a chosen charity.

Now we could go jump out of a plane or hold a bake sale - all been done before (plus I'm terrified of heights and probably wouldn't land alive and if you ate my cakes you wouldn't be either) We wanted to do something that meant something to us along the way. Soooooo.....

We chose (possibly in a moment of madness) to drive from Blackpool to Timbuktu. Sounds like a boring long drive so far doesn't it. How about we go off road for most of the journey and drive straight through the sahara desert? Still sound a little boring? How about we do it in the best off road vehicle available................ A 3 WHEEL RELIANT ROBIN! Now we have a challenge!

The journey will take roughly 4 - 6 weeks (in January 2013) depending on the number of inevitable breakdowns that our £150 ebay special Robin will have and WHEN we make it to Timbuktu we will be donating our car to a local charity who will be auctioning it off to help build a hospital just outside Mali.

So far we have raised over £1600 in less than 4 weeks and we have raised £503 on our Just Giving page www.justgiving.com/blackpool2timbuktu but hopefully we will make MUCH more than this for a wonferful charity.

If anybody has access to a newsletter or could get their local paper interested in promoting the challenge or even just talk to friends and family every little helps. Whether we receive donations of £1 or £100 it will all help to give an amazing donation at the end. The whole trip is being funded personally by us, so every penny raised will be donated to the MS Society.

Thank you for reading and hopefully spreading the word to help. I am now off to write my list of things we need to beg or borrow to aid the trip!