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Thread: Which life insurance company do you use?

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    Which life insurance company do you use?

    I'm in the process of ringing round Insurers trying to get life insurance, but I am having issues getitng cover, even though I have a non life threatening illness.
    Which life insurers do you use and are they any good?

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    I am in same boat. I just posted same question as I am struggling to get cover with an existing medical condition

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    I've given up, they all want such high premiums it's just not worth it. No one is interested in insuring 'raspberries' like me.

    Insurance is just a tax on poor people anyway, IMO so you'll be better off saving what you're prepared to pay in premiums. Put it in Premium Bonds - at least you have a chance of getting a bonus by winning something. If you don't you've still got your money and it's not in the coffers of some rich shareholders in the insurance company.

    I've got enough saved now to pay for my funeral, so I shall be doing that before this year's out. At least by doing that I won't be penalised for having savings . . .

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