hi im posting because i know some people are worried about being moved from ESA to UC.
i was in ESA SG before i moved to a UC FULL area.
ive been on UC 6months now and its easier (and im £92 a month better off).
ive actually moved again whilst on UC and that was VERY simple , you just change your address online and show proof of rent at local jobcentre (no need to fill out lots of forms) before moving address was classed as "a fresh claim" but now your claim for UC just continues at new address , and you only deal with local council for council tax rebate.
on UC they call SG slightly different LWCRA but it amounts to the same , ive never been asked to look for work .
IF your getting the SDP payment at present you may be better off staying on ESA for the time being , but if your single and just getting the £126pw SG /ESA your better off on UC .
the only difference ive found on UC is i have to log in a computer to comunicate with the DWP (or call the UC helpline) and the payments are monthly , other than that im glad i switched.
if anyone has a similar sittuation to me i may be able to answer so questions.