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Thread: Buying the correct stairlift ??

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    Question Buying the correct stairlift ??

    Has anyone bought a "standing up" stair lift. This is my first time stair lift buying but I definitely need a stand up version or one that doubles as both. That way it is quicker and easier to stand to get on and off it and I currently have no issues with balance particularly as I am sure they'd have a hand rail.

    Which companies are best and has anyone had experience of buying one like I describe ?

    Also can you give me the low down on "do's and don'ts" of buying and getting the fitted correctly ?

    Is there is a cheaper way of getting them fitted perhaps ?

    I am not eligible for grants or social services help as I come in at the £16,000 above in savings- so that's out. Unless you know a system that cuts past that- but frankly I feel a bit unworthy of that type help to be honest when others struggle with no money. That should cover the questions. Oh I am not weighing to much, I am only 13 stone approx. by the way. So stair lift wise I could have anything.

    Many thanks

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    I have severe balance problems and I use a seated one with a seat belt. In this rip off era for disability you will find them very expensive, mine cost almost £5000 several years ago. An alternative could be a refurbished one that come in a little cheaper, but not by much.
    Like you I had to pay for mine, no help out there at all. Penance for working, scrimping, scraping and saving all my life.
    As a thought, have you looked at through floor lifts if you have the space, they may suit you better but of course much more expensive.

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    MediTek Stand and Perch

    Have you considered the MediTek Stand and Perch model? In my experience, MediTek produce high quality stairlifts which prove very reliable in use.

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