Hi there - is anybody else as fed up as I am about the indiscriminate and arbitrary actions of pen-pushers at the DWP, who many of whom have not met me or indeed any other disabled person - to place them in Work placement groups (WRP) or work related support groups (WRAG) which could affect a disbled person's longer term benefit options. Due to an accident I now find myself disabled and dependant upon meager benefits and struggling to survive and reliant upon my wife to pay for my existance. I think this is entirely wrong as I am an individual in my own right and' as much as I wish to work am unable to do so because of the dependence on prescribed medication which prevents me from doing my job. I worked in child protection for 15 yrs and 10 years in working with elderly and disabled people. Now I find myself in the same boat and am appaulled by the reaction of Govt and Benefits agency to my condition. I feel isolated and detached from the rest of society - I seem to no longer exist as the person (and specialist) I was. Does anybody else feel the same?. I am new to this forum but know that there are disabled people worse of than me - at least I still have my brain intact although it is somewhat limited! I would love to hear from others who feel the same as I do and are as equally - or perhaps more - disallutioned with the efforts the Govt has made to recognise that diasabled people have a voice and should be heard.