Has David Cameron gone completely insane now? How can he even think this, let alone voice it publically? The consequences of such a plan would be shocking. I will not fall for the trap he wants us to, what he is implying, that most young are scoungers. He may not use that word but he is very clearly implying it. How many people will this affect? Throwing people out of their homes in affect, that will be the result. Yes, there are a lot of young who are unemployed & some who are lazy or scroungers, but far from all. Not everyone who is out of work is lazy, not everyone is a low paid job is, well what? If they are working does that not show something? He said it, he actually said it: "It encourages people not to work and have children, but we should help people to work and have children," WTF? Go after the lazy & cheaters, not the genuine.

What about the disabled young? Will they be exempt, are they lazy too, are they going to be thrown out onto the streets?

He is also suggesting changes to JSA. I am not sure what these are but I understand JSA is very hard to claim as it is, especially for the young.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18567855