Does anyone have experience of dealing with RSA following a none fault claim were no injury has been sustained. So all they need to do is arrange repairs to the vehicle?

I've had a on going claim, my car was damaged whilst parked - First off they stung me with a higher excess because i am under 25 and i "reported" the claim.

Also, they are refusing to chase a recovery from the third party, even though i have strong evidence (CCTV and security staff from the place the accident took place)

I've contacted motability directly and qouted their cover booklet back to them with regards to them enforcing the terms outlayed in RSA policy on my behalf..

I've already escalated this to a complaint, the result was "the chief underwriter as said the £200 excess applies"
This has been escalted again directly with motability and i'm awaiting their reply -

further plans are to take both RSA and motability to the Financial ombudsman for mis-handling the claim, false terms and conditions, not enforcing / following their own terms and conditions.

Would it be worth shaming them in the press to tar the "good" name of the "charity" they hide behind showing how much they screw customers about.