Hope everybody well and getting back to 'our' normal!

Short post for information purposes regarding letter from electricity supplier-in this case SSE.

Letter received informing customer that (as set down by ofgem) as they eligible/receive warm home discount then 'unit rate (per kWh) is being reduced from 15.98p to 13.37p - a difference of 2.61p per unit - (standing rate of 27.41p remains same-which is still bloody disgusting that there is such a thing as standing rate as it can often be case that standing rate charge often more than actual use of utility).

The above is difference between 'old standard tariff' and the 'new lower energy assist tariff'.

Just wanted to let others know of this new ofgem regulation and that their elec suppliers should be adhering across the board. According to SSE, this will save particular customer 'estimated annual savings' of £72.00. Agree any reduction in utility costs is welcome but the biggest con out there is the water companies and their monopolies over their particular area. Should be able to swap/change, akin to gas and elec but currently no option!

Anyway, hope this is of some use to some members. Take it easy.