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    My husband has become totally disabled and now what do I do? I am unable to work to take care of him. I need some insurance, assistive equipment. I just feel lost.

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    First of all contact your local Social Services Adult Care and ask for an assessment for him and yourself as a carer, they may deem that they will send a carer in for a short time each day and they can supply equipment. Stress it is urgent.
    Then get in touch with CAB or a local Welfare Rights office who will guide you on the benefits you may be entitled to and help you with claiming.

    Was/is your husband in hospital? If so the hospital should have sent/will send someone out to do a home assessment before he comes home.

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    I have been there, you do need help to get help & someone like the CAB/local welfare rights group can do this for you. There is a lot out there, such as support & benefits, but it is knowing where & how to claim it all. We were on our own. DWP & JobCentrePlus were hopeless. I am afraid you are in for a rough time until it is all sorted out. You might be able to claim Jobseekers Allowance until your husbands benefits are sorted out. He might be able to claim Sick Pay or Income Support now. You might also be able to claim Housing Benefit if you do not own your own home, & Council Tax Benefit now. Claims for such things as Disability Living Allowance can be made for him, but you MUST have help with this because it is not easy to get & how you claim it is what matters. Other benefits might be possible as some benefits are claimed. Right now you need some income, & this is where an advice & support service can help too because Benefits do not always know what can be claimed.
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    Denending on the nature of his disability, there is probably a charity dedicated to his specific needs. They may be able to help with care, moral support, equipment loans, short term financial, advice on benefits etc. They probably have a website with as much info as you could possibly read.

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