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Thread: Discrimination for company benefits

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    Discrimination for company benefits

    Good Evening all,

    Bit of advice please, I'm writing on behalf of my party. He's got MS and has recently been registered disabled.
    We have successfully been added to the accessibility lists for various venues. I have contacted Silverstone as I got him tickets as a surprise and they are refusing to allow us a career pass as we don't claim pip.. I've explained his illness (he has a few, ms is the main one) and provides details of his blue badge and a letter from his neurologist. I've explained in great depth how he's effected etc.
    He chooses not to claim pip because he's a little proud but mainly as we are lucky at the moment we don't financially need too.
    They are point blank refusing to budge on their decision which I think is discrimination against disabilities. They are basically saying unless you claim pip or dla benefits you aren't disabled in their eyes.

    Any advice, thank you in advance
    K x

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    Two points. You've already bought the tickets. Trying to get a carers pass after the event is probbly not going to work.
    Read their website carefully and if they say there, you have to provide of benefits, you are stuffed.

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    Indeed, they offer a discount if you can show you receive certain benefits.
    If you can't show that then no discount.

    That's not disability discrimination, it's a bonus for some people with PIP.

    PS. "recently been registered disabled"?
    There is no "Disabled register" anymore.
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