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Thread: ESA and Free Dental Care

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    ESA and Free Dental Care

    Hello, a few months ago I received this email from my nhs dental surgery...

    "This email applies to those patients who are exempt from paying for NHS Dental Services.

    Each time you attend, you may remember we require a blue NHS consent form signing, called an FP17. This form asks you to confirm which exemption you are in receipt of to enable you to receive free NHS Dental Treatment. The form lists in details those exemptions which are covered, and also highlights those that are not.

    We understand from experience that it can sometimes be confusing and patients can be unsure of which benefits they are in receipt of. This has sometimes resulted in Penalty Notices of £100 in the past, which sometimes could be waivered if it could be shown to be a genuine misunderstanding.

    We have now been notified from the BSA, who process our Dental Claims, that patient fines will no longer be waived, even in circumstances where a genuine error has been made. They clearly state all incorrect exemption claims will incur a charge, and that checking your exemption and signing the FP17 is ultimately the patients’ responsibility and so our staff will also not be able to advise you in any way.

    If you are not 100% sure regarding your exemption, please check prior to your appointment - otherwise we would advise you to pay and obtain a receipt to claim the costs back once you are confident that your exemptions are covered.

    We hope you understand our urgency in sending this email to you, as we do not wish any of our patients to incur a Penalty Notice.

    We have an information sheet available from the BSA on reception for you to read through if you require when you attend.

    Thank You,

    The Team at DCO Dental Group."

    I am currently receiving ESA and I am in the support group. I have tried to find out online if I am eligible for free dental care. In the past I have always ticked the ESA box on the form I fill in prior to my appointment and have had no issues. But after reading through the above email I'm a little confused and don't want to risk getting a fine etc.
    If anybody has and experiance with this I would appreciate the help.
    Thank you

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    As long as you’re on income based ESA SG you get it free, I’m not sure on contribution based.

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    You must be on income based ESA to get free dental treatment, it is not available on contribution based ESA.

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    Any Type of Income related ESA Assessment phase included, If you are claiming contribution based ESA you would have to apply for a HC2 cert Like we did when it was Incap benefit,

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    This comes up now and again, often when someone has been sent a penalty notice for not paying for a prescription, or dental treatment.

    It is important to check on what basis your ESA is being paid before claiming health costs.

    Just being on ESA itself does not entitle you to free health costs - it has to be Income Related ESA.
    Contribution Based ESA, on its own, does not entitle you to free health costs.

    It must be Income Related ESA, or CB ESA with an IR entitlement (top-up).

    As you are in Support Group then if you get the Enhanced Disability Premium (or the Severe Disability Premium) you will have an Income Related entitlement and so are entitled to free prescriptions, dental treatment, etc.

    If you don't get a disability premium with your Support Group then you probably have CB ESA only and so you are not entitled to health costs.
    (I say probably because with a couples claim it can be different, you could be entitled to a premium but not paid it).

    If you are CB only then you may still be able to get free prescriptions and treatment on the Low Income Scheme, but you need to apply differently.
    In that case you need to get a form HC1 from your GP surgery or jobcentre, some dentists and pharmacies have them too.
    (I suspect that your dentest will have some).
    Fill in the HC1 and send it off to get a certificate of entitlement to help with health costs (HC2). This covers you for 12 months.

    Read more about the Low Income Scheme here, you can also order or download a HC1 from there:
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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    Thank you all for the replies.
    I've now had it confirmed that, with me being on income related esa, I will carry on getting free dental care.

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