Sorry this is blatant promotion, but I think it could be really positive.

For anyone who doesn't know, website StackOverflow is very popular with computer programmers, who can ask a question and then earn points for giving valid, helpful answers to questions. It's very popular among programming professionals and enthusiasts.

The company behind the site have opened it up to anyone with an idea to propose a similar site. Site ideas are voted on and the most popular become actual websites.

I'm really keen for them to start a disability Q&A site, for people with disabilities (similar to this site), parents and carers of people with disabilities, professionals and anyone with an interest in disability issues. I'm not after replacing sites like this, which I find really useful, but opening discussion up to a much wider audience.

At this stage, the 'proposal' needs people to collaborate on suggesting what sort of questions would be useful, to establish what the site would cover if made into a site. It needs people to suggest example questions, and vote 'up' or 'down' the current questions to get an idea of what people want to see.

I understand this is a plug for something I want, but it would be really useful for the wider community. I was recently diagnosed with something new, and the ability to ask questions in a StackOverflow style.

I would really like people, particularly people with disabilities and their carers and professionals working with them to suggest some questions in the proposal, and vote on the current questions, or simply 'follow' the proposal to be notified if and when it gets made into an official site. You can see it at

I hope nobody feels like this is stepping on anyone's toes. I don't want this to put sites like this out of business, but I'm really passionate about opening the Q&A relationship up to a much wider audience, and I'm happy to talk about the idea.