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Thread: Sale of Goods-washing machine leaking!

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    TY very much both Nuke and No7. It will be tomorrow before able to do anything further. Starting with blue tap as in last post. If no joy at that point, then will have to engineer (not a prob now as have video evidence if there was any suggestion of no problem with w/m & any poss of fee incurred).

    Your bang on nuke, wouldn't go as far as taking top off, or even touching any screw as could invalidate guarantee, as am sure you both well know better than I.

    Again, so grateful for all your trouble, input and help. Will get back tomorrow :-)

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    Right, Hi Nuke & No7, (not going to jump for joy just yet!) but a 2hr+ cottons 40' degree has just finished...

    Before wash/mach turned on, following No7 advice, turned off blue tap fully, w/m cotton wash turned on, awaited mach trying to draw water by ear, then turned on fully, and (with rest of home in silence) turned blue tap towards off & could quite easily hear the change in water power/pressure being drawn by machine.

    Turned water down from what could hear was fully water delivery to 1st change in tone (and this is prob slightly further that I turned blue tap to in earlier post described as 1/3rd/0.333rd) Tap is now closer to 1/2 open/shut. As you both explained. when I turned tap down couple days ago, although it had been turned down ny 1/3rd, this could easily have still delivered water at full pressure/amount.

    Awaited and kept checking back. At this moment, at end of this particular cycle was result is...
    NO LEAK. Throughout whole wash even had thin piece of tissue wedged in w/m door maybe 3-4 inches below soap box and if leak occured this would have shown.

    So, not going to say cured just yet, as we also have a synthetics 20' wash to put on tomorrow (this is 1 of cycles that it has also leaked on) and will let you know of this result. This will now again be tomorrow and until then...

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    Sounds good up to now.

    Maybe does sound like water pressure is high or drawer is too loose.

    Obviously it's going to take longer to fill, but 5 mins extra out if 2-1/2 hours is nothing.

    Fingers crossed.
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    Sounds like you're on top of the problem Spencer can now get on with enjoying Christmas

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    Hi Nuke and No7, As promised didn't cross fingers fully and can now (hopefully) say that leaking soap box matter is closed! We did as said and put on synthetics and 20', another long wash which we know leak had previously occurred! After 1st wash, no put on 2nd same wash, and result stands...NO LEAK...WAHOO!

    Kitchen cupboard now back to normal (meaning copious amounts of cleaning fluids and apparatus back in situ!) & can now get on without this at back of mind.

    Nuke and No7, Thank you so so much for sticking with us and giong through each element of elimination. Can't tell you how much it is appreciated. So, Christmas eve we should be able to have a relatively easy day & await day after, which is also hoped will be trouble free...we have our 7 week grandson & parents over for dinner & it will be a good day.

    Hope you both have a great Christmas and a better 2018, and the same to all other members.

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