Hi Kodiak, TY for template. This will be used if needs be and saving for later use. It was only fact that No7 pointed out engineer may charge fee even though machine well within guarantee (retailer and manufacturer) that we are going this far-if knew for sure that engineer not charge then wouldn't have this shenanigans, but as say, always good feeling when achieve something yourself. Recently, our hoover packed up and just needed new belt-managed to do the job successfully with 4 more hands but it is never as easy as people purport it to be!

Hey nuke, ta for your experience. Will be giving it a shot before next wash which will now be tomorrow (actually rrying to find items to wash!) now. Also found today wash mach descaler/cleaner where 1/2 goes into drum and other into drawer (just on the off chance that it is build up of powder even though this goes direct into drum and only liquid softener goes into drawer and ever has) & will try with 'blue tap' turned down so not as much water being delivered in case it is pressure causing prob (I was of impression that machines drew what water they needed per wash).

It will be tomorrow now before any further developments likely to occur and will report back then. Meanwhile, Thanks again.