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Thread: Snow

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    Sometimes a little humour can make all the difference.
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    I was out this morning and when I got off the bus I saw an older lady (70 odds) with 2 bags of cat litter shuffling across the road. It was icy as hell!
    I wheeled up and asked where she was going to and had she far to go and if she wanted I could put the cat litter on my lap and hurl it home for her it would be no problem at all, she could even steady herself on my chair for something to hold on to. I use a big heavy power chair so would have been easy.
    She was very nice but wouldn't have any help.
    I was ready to fight the big bags from her and tell her to just accept a wee bit help.

    I have MS and use a chair, but when I am able to walk I am usually at my best with a bag of shopping in each hand to weigh me down, I don't know why this is but it just is. Strange I know but there you go.
    Anyway I thought maybe this lady is the same or whatever so I wheeled a way across and up the road a bit then watched and made sure she got in her house ok. She had said when I first stopped she was just going to the end of the road, about 100-150 yards. Not far but far for an older lady with 2 bags of cat litter on an icy as hell pavement that's a healthy jaunt!! I was watching to make sure the older lady was home ok a guy around 30 walked past her then a girl around the same age did the same 1 minute later not even acknowledging the lady!

    How society has changed eh?

    I ended up thinking "I hope I didn't frighten the old lady" once I thought about it.

    Makes you think.....

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    I have often taken heavy bags for older folk on my scooter but only for those I know. I hate to see them struggle but am often met with resistance until I use my powers of persuasion. I think independence and pride causes them to refuse help in the first instance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddivine View Post
    the return journey, so excuse the frozen look...Attachment 1926
    Wow that is a big chair reddivine!
    Sea Queen

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    Daughter finally returned home yesterday. Although we didn't get lots of snow as forecast it was so icy she couldn't get out onto the pavements!
    Sea Queen

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    Snow and ice are not a good combination for slips and falls from my point of view so I don't venture out in those conditions .

    Reddivine - another new designer wheelchair and automatic too. Far better to have the motor where the hub is as you won't lose traction in wet or snowy conditions.

    I've seen manual versions of this 3-wheeler with a bucket seat.

    My experience of hiring 3 wheeled scutes in the Lake district proved disastrous as I kept on tipping over sideways - three times in 5 days!

    I would only use a heavy duty 4-wheeled scooter for outward bound terrain - I'd be tipped out of that in a flash as I do lean over to one side that off balances the chair if you hit an obstacle. I imagine that your back wheel has lifted a few times that has made your foot plates skim the earth and dig up the snow.

    It's not for eveyone but I'n sure you've tamed it by now.

    No snow in South Mancher and it's 4C now going down to 1C at midnight so my central heating is staying on overnight!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sea queen View Post
    Wow that is a big chair reddivine!
    It is slightly wider cuz of the chunky tyres. 90cm - just fits thru my front door, which is adapted for wheelchairs. NOT that you use this baby inside!

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