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Thread: Christmas done and dusted

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    Christmas done and dusted

    All presents wrapped and all cards written. Those to be posted are stamped and in a pile waiting for the 1st if I can get out because of a foot operation I am having next Tuesday. Plenty of time left.
    More organised than usual this year although I bought the presents in the sales just after last Christmas as I normally do.
    Patting myself on the back.

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    Well done! I have sent birthday x 2 and Christmas pressies to Australia weeks ago, haven’t started with the few I have in England as yet.

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    My Christmas is also sorted as were those in the past decade. I've no cards to send, no gifts to buy, no extra food shopping to do, no visitors and the house will be shut down for the duration........ahhh bliss.
    No worries about finances thanks to Mr Scrooge.

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