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Thread: Artificial Intelligence and Technology - for or against

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    Artificial Intelligence and Technology - for or against

    I was just thinking how technology has enhanced my life and why I embrace it.

    As a young man I had a natural gift for Technical Drawing using rotating ink pens, rulers, french curves and CS10 Board for drawing on. Everything was done manually. No computers, smartphones, tablets, digital TV in fact you had 4 TV channels to choose from and they played 'God Save the Queen before the TV station closed at midnight. Colour TV was a must have if you were lucky.

    I started working at an adverting agency when I was 18/19. It wasn't glamorous as it specialised in Business to Business Advertising. I became a junior Commercial Artist creating layouts and producing finished art pre press.

    There was no colour codes or emails - everything was faxed or posted. It took creatives, finished artists, typographers, photographers, illustrators, editors many days to produce an advert or brochure. A fair number of people had to be employed to get a job done.

    As technology advanced many of these jobs were conducted by a new breed of digital artists using desk top publishing software.

    I could see the wring on the wall was made redundant and with my redundancy money bought myself an Applemac, a postscript back and white laser printer, desk top publishing software and set out to reinvent myself by learning how to use digital technology.

    I learnt how photographers used medium format cameras, how to retouch photos digitally, studied marketing communications and started working for myself - I was learning every day.

    Eventually I came off the design side when I started working as a disabled person ast a more flash advertising agency. I was the only disabled person who worked there but I had a good grasp of technological advances in the industry.

    Digital photography, digital illustration, prepress digital artwork, digital colour presses for short runs. Whatever was going on I had a thirst to know how it worked, find out it's uses for our clients.

    I embraced new technology as it arrived and realised I wanted a piece of the action. I was a disabled person throughout my working life but it was technology that allowed me to work as long as I did - 38 solid years.

    Even today I enjoy using technology and I use it to enhance my life.

    Disabled People should try to embrace this technology as it will pay dividends as technology skills are the future - your future.

    Has technology been good or bad for you. Do you swim with the tide or against it.
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    I too was a draughtsman, engineering, who started with pencil/pen and paper.
    As CAD came along I of course moved into that and computing in general.

    One thing I have noticed that tends to get overlooked.

    Since the advent of computing in the workplace they role of the typist in small to medium companies has virtually dissapeared, everybody types their own letters etc. on their computer.
    (Except for the top bosses who have a PA).

    Between 1992 and 2014 there was a 57% drop in the number of typists, and a 50% drop in company secretaries.

    Think for a moment about the cost of this to business.

    Instead of a letter etc. being scribbled down or dictated fairly quickly and then typed by a relatively low paid typist it is now typed, formatted, etc. by the skilled worker or executive, with a pay rate of 3x, 4x, or even 5x the typists wage.
    And even a good typer on the computer cannot hope compete with the word per minute a dedicated typist could achieve, so the letters take longer to type.
    They still need checking once printed, and correcting if necessary. (again done by the highly paid person).
    Multiply that by the number of letters written each year.

    As a mechanical design draughtsman I used to spend at least half my time typing up letters and reports, which always seemed a waste of my qualifications, training, and experience.

    Of course to start with all that businesses could see as attractive was that they did not have to pay the typists wage anymore.

    This is now begining to change back again with typists roles returning in some workplaces, and 'outsourced' companies offering typing of dictated letters.

    I suppose the point I'm making is that computer technology has made us all generalists, which is less efficent and less cost effective than having specialists doing particular jobs.

    Now in the home, and of course if you have a disability, the technology can make life much easier and cost considerations can be turned on their head.
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    Today I added new mailboxes of email accounts I have so all emails come to both my iMac and iPhone a the same time

    I've now set the phone up for my facial recognition. All I do is look at the phone briefly and it unlocks itself. If I've finished using the phone and put it down it locks itself until I look at the screen. Apparently the purity is so good the chances of it being broken into are a million to one!

    Facial recognition is based on a 3D image of my face after it scanned my face using 30,000 reference points!

    I've changed 'Siri' to speak as a Brish Woman - it sounds very realistic - no robotic type sounds.

    Anther great safety feature with the artificial intelligence 'Siri' is that it's still listening when the phone is turned off. Al I did last night was to say 'Hey Siri, please can you set the alarm for 7.30am in the morning'. You can hear the phone wake up and it clarifies what you've asked of it.

    This made me realise that if I was in trouble and isolated I could ask Siri to phone 999 for an Ambulance and they would be able to hear me as it would be on speaker phone. And the GPS system on the hone would lead them to my front door for assistance.

    I also tried out a feature called augmented reality that allows you to mix reality film with animation on the spot. I found my carpet was covered in Palm Trees, birds flying overhead and a small plane was circling overhead!

    If anyone says I have no use for a smartphone is blinkered to new, stimulating and futuristic things happening today.

    So far I've just skimmed the surface!
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    I am obsessed with the future and technology and therefore I am a futurist. Technology enhances our lives so much and I can't wait to see what comes next.
    The thing that excites me the most is 3d printing organs and human tissue - this is going to revolutionize organ transplants in the not too distant future. Scientists are taking human cells and then growing them in labs, printing a 3d structure and then the cells grow naturally around the structure which then slowly dissolves and you have a working organ.
    The other applications of 3d printing knows no bounds.

    I am also excited for the next generation of Augmented reality and the benefits this is going to have on things like education and even things like shopping.

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    I think Augmented Reality is used with Apple Products. It's still in its infancy but retailers like Wayfarer and Ikea use it so you can superimpose one of their products, like a sofa, and see it in situ in your lounge. Gamers also combine real life video with 3D animation.

    The uses will grow as companies realise its potential. I think disabled people wi greatly benefit from AI and Robotics

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    Artificial Intelligence and Technology for or against


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    I am fixated on the future and innovation and consequently I am a futurist. Innovation upgrades our lives so much and I can hardly wait to perceive what comes straightaway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Logan77 View Post
    I am fixated on the future and innovation and consequently I am a futurist. Innovation upgrades our lives so much and I can hardly wait to perceive what comes straightaway.
    growing up in the 70s & 80s i remember people saying robots would be made to help humans live a easier life. also help around the house with cleaning and cooking. But what we got was sex robots and robots being trained to kill. so i would say the future might not be a very nice place.

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    Hi Lighttouch
    Great thread by the way!
    I often wonder how my life would be without technology and it would be pretty grim for sure!
    We must embrace the future and Im looking forward to virtual reality becoming more mainstream.
    The place I miss the most is the beach. Access is impossible even though I live a few minutes from my local beach.
    Id also like to climb mountains etc.
    In the meantime, a robot trained to do my housework would be awesome.
    Im an optimist and am excited by the prospect of future technology and how it can assist severely disabled people like myself.

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