In this video Gordon Farmiloe, Owner of Gainsborough Baths, and Guy Charteris, Partner Development Manager, BioCote, discuss why their partnership is at the forefront of infection control.


Gainsborough is regarded as the innovator in the care bath sector with operationally efficient solutions and holistic service support. Its advanced baths with hi-lo functionality and bather transfer systems are proven to deliver utmost care and performance in today’s challenging care environment.

This unsurpassed reputation has just been enhanced with the introduction of anti-microbial BioCote in all Gainsborough manufactured baths – a first for the specialist bathing market. This protection increases bather and carer well-being by reducing the risk of cross infection and illness.

BioCote provides 99.99% protection against Influenza H1N1, E.coli, Salmonella and antibiotic resistant CRO, CRE, VRE and MRSA.

Through 20 years of development BioCote is a proven worldwide choice hence Gainsborough partners with this specialist to deliver a dependent solution. With BioCote technology integrated during the manufacturing process microbes cannot survive or breed on bathing surfaces so vulnerable service users are protected 24/7. It is effective for the lifetime of the product and cannot be washed off or worn away – delivering continual reassurance for bathers and care providers without the need for time-intensive deep cleaning.

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