Join DLF’s Volunteer Panel - share your thoughts and opinions on a range of Disabled Living Foundation’s (DLF) services

We are looking for volunteers to join our Panel to help us test and develop our products.

This could involve anything from reading through content, like a new factsheet for example, or supplying feedback on webpages and functionality.

Your feedback will go towards helping us improve the user experience for visitors to our websites.

User testing could be carried out on any of our websites including:

  • Youreable
  • Living Made Easy
  • AskSARA

Joining as a volunteer

To register your interest in joining the panel, please contact

If and when a product requires feedback or testing, we will contact you by email to see if you are interested in participating. If you agree to take part you will be sent instructions and information on what is required and a short feedback form that will need to be completed and returned.

Testing could take anything from a few minutes to an hour or two - no travel is required, all you need is access to a computer.

When completing a feedback form remember there are no right or wrong answers - it’s the website that is being tested; we are interested in your thoughts and opinions.

By volunteering to join our panel you can expect the following:

  • Feedback will be used by DLF to help improve its products and services. We may occasionally publish a selection of feedback comments on our websites or publicity literature – this could include a name (i.e initials and/or a surname). Volunteers will be given to option to request that their feedback and name are not published
  • All information passed to DLF will be filed securely and safely. We will store your email address for the purpose of contacting you about user testing. Personal details will not be divulged to any third parties.
  • You will have complete flexibility as to the amount of time and level of involvement you offer: if you should be contacted by DLF you are not obliged to participate. You can opt out of the Panel at any time by contacting us.