The Works & Pensions Select Committee is to carry out an inquiry into carers who also work.

They are calling for those in this situation to make their voices heard and submit their experiences.

They are particularly interested in hearing from anyone who took part in one of the 'pilot' schemes undertaken in 2015
In 2015, the Government announced £1.6million to support nine pilot projects exploring ways to help carers balance employment with their caring responsibilities.
As well as your expirences in general they are asking for your comments on:

Call for written submissions

We invite evidence from any and all interested parties on some or all of the following questions, and are particularly keen to hear from any of you involved in the pilots.

Your evidence will be incorporated into the conclusions of this inquiry, which in turn aims to inform the upcoming carers strategy.
  • Does DWP provide adequate support for carers in employment and those seeking employment? What more could the department do?
  • How can the Department work more proactively with employers to support carers?
  • What are the main barriers to employment for carers and how can these be reduced?
  • What role can assistive technology play in supporting carers in employment/seeking employment?
  • What examples of employer best practice towards carers could the Department promote? Would mandatory ‘carers policy’ statements be a good idea?
  • Is there a ‘cultural shift’ needed in our attitude towards carers in employment? If so, how far can the Department go in influencing such a shift?
  • Is there a coherent cross-government strategy for supporting carers in employment/seeking employment?

On the pilots specifically
  • What were the objectives for the pilots and how have they performed against those objectives?
  • Is there scope to roll-out successful schemes more widely?
  • What other lessons have been learnt from the pilot schemes?