Hi i dont know if i am posting in the right forum so i will say sorry if i am
I am worried about how my benefits situation can change due to me applying for university. If i can explain.. i have suffered from social phobia, agoraphobia, depression and anxiety for many years. A couple of years ago i started cognative behaviour therapy and last year after being able to get out through the treatment my final goal was to apply for college and finally get the life back i had before my mental illness took over. Anyways the course i applied for was access to higher education. This meant that i would apply for university to which i was (and still am very scared about) i currently get employement and support allowance after being switched to it a couple of months ago from Incapaacity benefit. The problem i am faced with now is that i have been accepted for university, i still have problems getting to college and some mornings it takes me over an hour to leave the house (back and too to the iron, doors, etc to make sure everythings ok), i still have extreme paranoia but i am doing all this to get better. the thing now is that i am worried i am claiming benefits i should not be getting, i mean can someone who gets employment and support allowance be allowed to apply for uni??? I feel in myself that i still have a mental illness that will never leave me and feel i will always need help and support but i dont know if i am supposed to declare this to the job centre? If i do tell them then when am i supposed to tell them? and will i receive support while at uni? or will i be left to go it alone? the thing i am worried about is that i goto uni, dont get the support and then end up back where i was 2 years ago, stuck indoors too scared to go outside. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks