I'm a permanent wheelchair user and I've been trying to book an transfer from Alicante airport to Benidorm from several transfer companies.

All companies offer 3 - 4 different types of vehicle but will only accept wheelchairs in a private taxi (£65 ew) or adapted euro taxi (£82 ew) which cost roughly 5+ times more than a shared minibus transfer.

I asked all companies if I could travel in a shared minibus (£13 ew) as I can easily transfer into the front or side door seat and my fiance could dismantle my wheelchair and place in with the luggage. All companies have refused to take my wheelchair in a minvan or shuttle bus transfer for various reasons. (Health and safety issue and not in T&C)

Does the fact that the only option available to a wheelchair user is more expensive fall in to 'discrimination'? Does anyone know for sure what the EU discrimination law covers?

Does anyone know any cheap transfers options in Alicante/Benidorm for a wheelchair user?