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    Question How to Appeal: PIP

    Like so many,I was 'invited' to claim PIP from DLA. I duly did so. The person who came to my home to assess me, a nurse, shamefully, lied in her report; the net result being that I am now on Standard Rate care, whereas I got Highest Rate DLA care. The report stated I have normal grip. I use a NHS powered wheelchair, because I absolutely cannot use a self-propelling wheelchair. It has taken 15 weeks to get results for x-rays of my hands to confirm moderate-severe osteoarthritis in my hands, and severe in my thumb joints, which I had stated, originally.
    Now, am I too late to appeal, is there any point, and how stressful is it likely to be? I feel very angry, as I can't afford the care I need. Dressing and most daily activities of daily living have become a nightmare.
    Today, my ESA hasn't been paid either. I am getting a bit depressed..

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    Normally you need to submit a mandatory reconsideration within a month of the date of your decison letter. However if you can show good cause for it being late it may be accepted.
    If it is refused, I think there is now a route for you to take it to tribunal but again with good reason for being late. In certain circumstance you do have up to a max of 13 months

    You certainly don't have anything to lose by trying
    Anything expressed is my opinion only and is offered in good faith. It is either from my own experiance or what I have learned on my journey. Take it for what it is or leave it alone. With best wishes D.

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    There are big differences in the criteria between DLA and PIP, it doesn't necessarily follow that because you had entitlement under one you would have the same under the other.
    With regard to your evidence (x-rays) do you have a letter or report confirming their 'interpretation' from the Consultant/Expert, this is the important bit, as the assessor & DM are not (experts) and it would be your best evidence.

    If you have any difficulty getting a late Appeal you may be able to ask for an 'Anytime Revision' of your claim - with your new evidence, but you should get some advice about your options with this from an adviser like CAB etc.

    Have a look at the following links:

    Here's another one for you;
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