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Well a fair bit has happened since we moved in here in the last 6 months.

Progress in the garden has happened a lot, most recently a shed, marking out new flower beds, and getting our mower and strimmer back from storage at a friends house.

You can if you want view our project here:


We also have a friendly body to help both in the garden, and out and about once a week. This will hopefully make a lot of difference.

Today I've acquired some blackcurrant cuttings, and we've been offered gooseberry bushes as well!
Thanks for your words about my FB page. We have some, infused plum liqueurs going on at the moment. Rather than fermenting @reddivine pierced the fruit and added sugar (after I did the picking) the fruit and we have it in kilner jars ready to bottle on for Christmas. I think we have 2 gin and 1 vodka.

Not sure about other future brewing projects, space is limited but there will, I hope be jam

My dad is the Jam making wizard of the family, the Jostaberry wins prizes at the local shows! We're a big fan of Jam sugar (refined sugar with added pectin) however which reduces the time for cooking the fruit down to about 30 mins instead of the hours of simmering and stirring of traditional jam making. Most supermarkets sell jam sugar in the cooking section.