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Thread: Slow loading, security and spam

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    Slow loading, security and spam

    Since the upgrade I've had issues with slow loading.

    Also I've noticed we're getting spam posts (is there a way to flag notify admin when these pop up)

    Also, when trying to browse on Firefox, it stated the login was no secure (HTTP instead of HTTPS). Surely this can be rectified.?


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    There is a 'Report Post' button at the bottom left of every post, but-

    My advice is to just open and close them, that takes them off your New Post listing.

    The Firefox thing solution is just to make the site an exclusion in FF. (Chrome does the same thing).
    It's a setting in About:config.

    I can give more about how to do this when I get home if needed.

    I think I flagged this up to the site admin when the browsers started warning about http & https, but it can take time to make the switchover.
    (EDIT. Sorry that was a different site where I am a moderator).

    Slow loading could be caused by many different things.
    Do you regularly run a cookie/history/temporary file cleaner?
    I recommend{I no longer recommend this programme}
    - don't use the registry cleaner, it looks easy but it's a specialist tool.
    People have junked their computers just using registry cleaners 'blindly' without knowing what they are doing.

    Also take a look at adware and junkware removal.
    This doesn't need doing as often.
    ADWcleaner & Junkware Removal Tool are my recommendations there.
    Both are now from MawareBytes so very well trusted.

    Usual disclaimer, I have nothing to do with those companies.
    (I just use the software and trust it).
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    I'm not running Windows, so above software would do nothing.
    . Its odd that it suddenly loads when I clear history (not even the cookies). And quite frankly I'd leave a forum that forced me to look at ads.. I use ABP. Also I get zero slow loading on other sites..

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