Hello all,

I am a product designer who specialises in inclusive design. I am currently looking into developing a kitchen aid for visually impaired and blind people. I have family members who are blind, I have come to recognise the impact these conditions have on a persons ability to be independent in the kitchen.

I am currently in the research stage of the project, and I want to understand users fully. I would love to hear experiences of how you operate in the kitchen while being blind or partially sighted, or experiences of friends and family members.

1. What are the main problems encountered within the kitchen?
2. How does this make you feel?
3. Do you often have to rely on other people to prepare meals?
4. How do you find cleaning?
5. How do you find looking for stuff in the cupboard and fridge?
6. If you could have a product to aid you in a certain task or activity in the kitchen, which task would it be?
7. Anything else you would like to add.

Many thanks