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    Angry Walking stick

    Hi, could anyone help me please, I have just been awarded standard living for my pip, I have limited mobility and use a walking stick, I have severe nerve damage in my back, would it be worth while appealing as I don’t get any mobility.

    Would appreciate any help.

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    For moving around you get standard mobility if you get 8 points for and enhanced mobility if you get 12 points. Any less points than that, you don't get mobility at all unless you also have difficulty planning\following a journey.

    You would have to be unable to walk 50m to get standard mobility. And by "walk" they mean you have to be able to do it safely, to an acceptable standard, repeatedly and in a reasonable time period. So you might not be able to do all that. If you can't then it's worth appealing, but be prepared to explain in depth why you do not meet those criteria.

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    You can also speak to your local council and ask to be assessed (separate from your pip claim) for a stick. You will see a council appointed OT who will then take you for a short walk and assess your mobility and depending on this they may or may not award you a stick/crutch/blue badge.

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    I feel like they have completely overlooked my mobility, I use a crutch as I did on the day of my medical, I told him I don’t go out by myself, can’t plan journeys etc, feel like he hasn’t listened, not happy with the results I also have nerve damage to my lungs which effects me by becoming breathless etc, which was said. Am thinking of going the CAB to see what they say, especially after what you have said. Thanks for your advice.

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    All the best, Billy. Appealing often fails, but if your appeal is not upheld you can take it to the next level, the tribunal, where it has a better chance of success.

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