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Thread: Will they change carpet to laminate/vinyl?

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    Will they change carpet to laminate/vinyl?

    I have now become a full time wheelchair use, which means I get about our home in my chair.

    This is a bit embarrassing, but I am incontinent and have had a couple of “accidents” plus falls transferring from my wheelchair where the carpet made my feet slide. Both times I ended up in hospital. If I had laminate /vinyl throughout the whole flat it would make life so much easier, not only for me, but my husband and carter who look after me.

    Our bathroom and kitchen has already been laid with the non slip surface, but I’m starting to get concerned with the carpet that’s laid in the lounge, bedroom and hallway. Firstly, the carpet is starting to show signs of wear and tear from the wheelchair constantly going over the same areas everyday, plus my other problems above don’t help. It’s looking quite grubby. As with most housing associations, I guess the carpet was the cheapest they could get away with.

    Has anyone managed to get their housing association carpet replaced with laminate/vinyl? If they don’t give grants, I wouldn’t even mind paying for the flooring. I just need them to fit it.

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    Depends on the tenency agreement. When this one became empty, it had been occupied by someone obviously in your position - carpets were worn where chair had been - and who put carpet in the hall??? Told them to rip in all out and paid for new ones and the fitting. You are better off PAYING the flooring salesmen to fit it, then you know it will be a proper job. May be pricey but its a one off cost. Shop around and see what there is locally.

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    Yes, I did looked into it. I was told I need vinyl that wasn’t the click type because the wight of my chair would eventually cause flooring to move, so I needed the type where the floor needs to be screeded. All up, it was going to cost £1450. I can’t afford that.

    As I said in my new thread this morning, I am hoping to get a move into a flat downstairs. I’m just trying to push my luck and get them to do this in new flat (if I get it)before I move in.

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    The Housing Association that owns/runs my MIL's sheltered block (which is the HA set up by transferring all of the district council's housing stock) will not provide flooring. Even if what is in there is in good condition, they rip it out before any new tenant arrives.

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    My local council also refuses to do any sort of flooring. They will only replace their own kitchen tiles if they're worn or damaged. When it comes to laminate, carpet etc, the latter will be ripped out and you would be left with concrete or floorboards and laminate they will leave down from previous tenants IF it's decent.
    We laminated our entire downstairs in our old house and they left it down for the new tenants; we'd only had it down for 6 months before my council housed us in an adapted place elsewhere.

    Local councils won't spend a penny more than they have to anymore.

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    Thanks guys. I guess that put paid to that idea. Back to the drawing board.

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