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Thread: Bug?

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    Whenever I post a reply I get a box come up that asks me if I want to leave the site. When I click leave it actually just posts the reply but is very confusing.

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    Just tried again and its not all the time, but definitely had it happen three times

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    When you log in tick the little box that says 'Remember Me'.

    What is happening is that the vBulletin software that the forum runs on see you as 'inactive' when you are in the reply/post editor box.
    It is a bug in the software, and all vBulletin based forums do it.

    If you spend long enough in the editor box you will get logged out unless you have ticked the 'Remember Me' button.
    What happens then is either you have to log in again, or depending on your browser setup you may get logged in again automatically when you click any button.
    (Sounds like the second one in your case).
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