Hi all,

I am a final year Product Design student at Teesside University. For my minor project I have chosen a brief around gardening tools and through thoughts and research I have decided to focus on secateurs that are easier to use for people who struggle with grip and the motion needed to perform a cut with the tool. I was wondering if you anyone may be so kind as to provide me with some answers to some questions and offer any advice to be through your experiences with users.

Is it important for people who have lost the motion or ability to perform the motion needed to use tools such as secateurs to be able to feel in control of the tools? Does it feel degrading for them when they have tools that take over rather than assist such as the Bosch cordless secateurs?

What are the common issues with typical gripped gardening tools that elderly or disabled users have?

What are the most popular tools people with arthritis use in the garden?

Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.

King regards,
Rhys Morton
Product Design BSc (hons)
Teesside University